Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Little Monkey Went to Market...

Welcome! Over the years I've taught myself to cook and have tackled many recipes and projects; some of them very successful, some less so. But I've learned from it all and come out a better cook than before... and the journey has been delicious.

While fancy gadgets and time-saving products can be nice (and really, who doesn't enjoy a shiny new gadget now and then?), I still find myself enjoying most the simple things. Simple recipes, dishes made from scratch, taking the time to do something right, the pleasure in a dish that comes out just right, having learned how to do or make something that was a mystery to you before. (You will learn quickly patience is not my strong suit, but even I have to admit that it pays off from time to time when cooking!)

I realize there are a thousands of food blogs, cookbooks, tv shows and magazines already out there, so this one will likely not be a shining beacon (mmm, bacon) that stands alone amongst all others... and at first that kept me from wanting to do the blog at all. If I'm just telling them things they already know, or can find elsewhere, what's the point? But then I noticed how excited I get with people when we talk about cooking... I realized the passion I had for it, and the one unique thing I could offer was my experiences, my opinions, my points of view. I will endeavor to share that here. Recipes I have tried (both good and bad), how I stock my kitchen, new things I try, old things I love, things I just plain ol' enjoy seeing/smelling/tasting/doing, and what I learn from it all. I don't claim to be an expert on any of this... I just have a lot to say... So pull up a chair, we'll dish. ;)

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