Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 'To Do' List

My mom has built me a small cookbook library over the years. Most recently she got me the Pioneer Woman Cookbook (currently B's favorite), a Williams-Sonoma cookbook, and a huge Bon Appetit cookbook. Plus a number of others. And in each one I have dozens of little sticky notes peeking out, marking the recipes that I want to try. Sometimes it's something I already love, but more often it's a recipe that I want to try simply for the challenge in it. I often try recipes simply to say I've made it from scratch, like butter... fresh butter is very tasty, but not drastically different (nor cheaper) than store bought stuff. But I enjoy the fact that I've made butter from scratch. Marshmallows, as well... though homemade are infinitely tastier than the jet-puffed stuff, but are rather labor intensive, so unless I've got a good reason to make them, I just like knowing that I *can*.

So, in that spirit, here are a few recipes I'd like to try my hand at eventually:
- rillets/cretons/pate
- veggie pate
- gazpacho
- borscht
- limoncello/flavored vodka
- coq au vin
- tortillas
- french bread
- naan bread
- french bread
- peanut butter
- sriracha (hot sauce)
- carnitas
- clam chowdah
- butter tarts
- brioche
 And the ones that I've already accomplished (with varying degrees of success) :
- butter
- cream puffs / pate à choux
- nutella
- marshmallows
- marmalade
- lemon curd
- pice de gallo
- apple butter
- raisin bread (yeast)
- ragout des pattes
- candied ginger
- candied citrus peel
- shortbread
- grape jelly
- tomato sauce
- fresh pasta
- pie dough
- dill pickles
- baked beans
- dulce de leche
- hot fudge sauce
- lemon bread
- kimchi
- quiche
- cassoulet
- sourdough bread

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