Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bananananananananana bread

I've somewhat fallen off my smoothie-for-breakfast kick lately, which means the bananas I was buying every week have sort of exceeded their best before dates. My mom will only eat green bananas and won't touch the things once they have so much as a freckle on them.... she'd run screaming at the sight of these ones. They looked pretty sad, but figured I'd make some bread or muffins to use them up.

I stumbled across a recipe for Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Banana Bread over at Chocolate and Tea and figured I'd give it a whirl.

I had most of what it called for, but I was a bit short on chocolate chips. A quick rummage through the cupboard turned up two options: either cocoa powder (eh, not generally a fan but keep it around just in case) or the last bit of Nutella in the jar. Hmmm... I put the powder back and decided to use up the Nutella. I had a few tablespoons of Nutella so reduced the butter by roughly the same amount and proceeded with the rest of the recipe as listed. I liked that it called for yogurt, seems that baked items with yogurt in the recipe always come out that little bit extra tasty.

I used my large pyrex loaf pan for it, but the recipe made a bit too much for the pan so I ended up with a banana bread stalagmite on the oven liner, but otherwise it cooked perfectly. The Nutella really did the trick, it compliments the bananas perfectly. I really didn't taste the spices, however... a bit disappointing, but probably just as well since they would have fought a bit with the Nutella. I will be making this one again (without the chocolate), so will try boosting the spices a bit next time.

I've been eating a slice every morning with my coffee and am really enjoying it. The bread is extremely fluffy and moist without being at all soggy, and the few chocolate chips there are (note to self: put chocolate chips on the grocery list!) have stayed soft and almost melty, even right out of the fridge. Definite thumbs up on this one!

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