Friday, May 20, 2011


Tonight was the epitome of what I love about improvisational cooking... I had something on the menu that just didn't float my boat, so I looked in the fridge and wondered what I could throw together instead. I had bacon, green onions, bell pepper and a bin of spring mix salad (that was a heartbeat away from being a bin of black sludge)... I also had cheese and eggs on hand with the intention of making some quiche. Didn't feel like making quiche, however... all of those ingredients could also be used to make...


I'll be honest, I haven't eaten (or made) an omlette in years. Literally years. I've no clue what possessed me, but I figured it sounded pretty good and I could throw in some mixed green salad to use it before it went feral for roughage. Turns out I even had a Ceasar salad kit kicking around the pantry that we'd gotten for free, so why not use that and liven up the salad a bit. Because Ceasar dressing makes everything healthier! :P

Prep was a breeze thanks to my helper monkey. I crumbled the bacon, finely chopped the onion and pepper and shredded some cheese, then got everything into bowls and close at hand so I could focus on the cooking. Two eggs whisked with a fork, pinch of salt and some herbs into the mix... into a hot skillet with a bit of butter, give it a good swirl and let it set for a minute or two. The top will still be liquidy, sprinkle the veg over, then top with bacon and finally cheese. Fold omlette in half and allow to continue cooking another minute, until cheese is melted. Don't try to judge if the egg is set, the residual heat is more than enough to cook the egg fully; you'll end up with a tough (or burned) omlette if you leave it in the pan until the middle is completely done. So just keep an eye on the cheese... once it is melted, you're good to go. Slide it off onto a plate, add some salad and enjoy!

I don't think anyone finds omlettes particularly intimidating (do you?), but personally they're not really a go-to recipe for me, either. Tonight it just worked, though... kind of wish I had taken some pictures, but honestly I didn't expect it to turn out as well as it did. We cracked open a bottle of Mirassou pinot noir I got from mom for my birthday, and while B thought it wouldn't go well with the garlicky Ceasar dressing, it went perfectly. Excellent, excellent pairing! I think that one shall be revisited many times this summer! :)

I love meals like this... simple, easy to prepare, uses up ingredients we had on hand and can be adapted so easily to whatever you want to put in it. All you really need is two eggs per omlette, a pinch of salt (remember! It helps break down the protein in the egg whites and gives you a smoother egg mixture), some oil or butter in a skillet and a spatula. Beyond that, it's up to you... veggies, meat, cheeses, seasonings, leftovers, whatever! If you'd like to brush up on your omlette technique, you can check out Julia's words of wisdom on the subject, as well. She knows a heck of a lot more about it than I do ;) Now get crackin'!

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