Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scary recipes

I have a weakness. Vintage cookbooks and recipes. Especially scary ones.

How can a recipe be scary, you ask? You obviously haven't seen these Weight Watchers recipe cards from the 70's. Seriously, look through those cards and I *dare* you not to laugh. And possibly cry. It's enough to put one off mackerel for life. 

Often when we go to B's parents' place, I will rummage through his mom's cookbook collection, and I can be found on the couch flipping through one of her BH&G cookbooks from the early 60's. They are both compelling and horrifying... I can't help myself. Some of the recipes seem pretty good... I mean, Better Homes and Gardens has made quite the name for themselves... the recipes can't be all bad ;) But then, there are ones like this:

Is there nothing hot dogs can't do? *shudder* Some of the ingredients called for in these recipes are equally puzzling. There is an awful lot of pimiento, as well as things like condensed cream of shrimp soup and canned chicken a la king; not to mention an unhealthy amount of process American cheese, monosodium glutamate and the aforementioned hot dogs.

After a cleaning spree recently, my mom gifted me with her copy of Betty Crocker's New Picture Cookbook from 1961... there may have been squealing and cackling involved. It is both terrifically tacky and surprisingly helpful with tips, tricks and kitchen conversions. I will work on scanning a few of the more surreal pages to share ;) 

B's mom has been kind enough to lend me her BH&G Casserole Cookbook (published in 1967, purchased in May of 1969 according to the inscription inside the cover). In the coming weeks, I will attempt a few of the recipes and post the results. Lord help us all ;)

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