Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Mayonnaise

I'll ruin the suspense right away here... this one was a flop. I've made homemade mayonnaise before and it came out fine, but it's been so long I'm not sure what I did different.

Dinner was to be sandwiches with market-fresh tomatoes, lettuce and vége-pâté (which I would also like to try my hand at making one of these days... the stuff is crazy good). Only, we didn't have any mayo in the house, so I turned to The Kitchn for help...

Homemade mayo is really quite simple to make... I figured I could simply whip some up to go with dinner, so grabbed a recipe for homemade mayo from The Kitchn and got to work. I was also out of vinegar, so was happy to find one that did not include any... just eggs, oil, lemon juice, dry mustard and a bit of salt.

Busted out the trusty immersion blender and whipped everything up. I doubled the recipe so as to have some leftover for another time, and it came together nicely with a bit of water to smooth it out, but then I tasted it. Uhm, ew? It tasted like salty oily pudding. So bland (and jiggly... oh god, the jiggling)! I immediately checked the recipe to make sure I hadn't done something wrong... nope, all ingredients present and accounted for. How the heck to fix it? So, lacking vinegar to brighten things up, and not wanting to make it saltier oil pudding, I tried adding more lemon juice. Nope, just made it puckerier. I tried some Dijon mustard (don't usually keep yellow on hand), and while it helped a bit, it wasn't the taste I was looking for. Finally I rummaged through the fridge and out of desperation added a bit of pickle juice (don't judge me! It's got vinegar in it!) and this actually salvaged it, at least to where I could put it on a sandwich. It is not, however, something I would serve to guests.

So this wasn't the "magic" mayo recipe that people will beg me for the recipe for. Oh well. My faith in The Kitchn remains unshaken, if a bit bruised, and I will be trying another recipe they have up that looks more promising, I'll be sure to post the results. And I'll be putting vinegar on next week's shopping list :P

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