Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Field Trip! Marché Jean-Talon

The Marché Jean-Talon is one of my favorite places in Montreal, hands down. One might even say it is the market this monkey likes to go to! ;) It is an open air farmers' market in the Little Italy neighborhood. B and I will happily haul our cookies up there on our day off to wander up and down the aisles, even if we have nothing we need to buy. Once the summer is in full swing, we often do our entire week's worth of groceries there. 

But rather than flap my jaws, I'll let the pictures do the talking :) 

Entrance to the market
Early summer means lots of plants!
One of our preferred stalls

View down one of the aisles

One of the many shops that run along the outside of the market

So much lettuce!

Cherry tomatoes that look like candy

Heaps of rhubarb

Baby cukes!
Purple and white spring onions

Fresh mint

Everything maple!

Fiddlehead ferns


100% happy sheep!

Mmmm... meat on a stick

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