Saturday, July 9, 2011


The Jazz Fest just ended recently here in Montreal and the big closing show was the B-52s. B asked if I wanted to go (it was a free outdoor show) and I said I couldn't, because all I'd be singing all night was "Rock Lobster". So needless to say when I found cooked lobster on sale at the store and decided we would be finally having lobster rolls for dinner, it got stuck in my head and has been there ever since.

Don't judge me.

So say hello to dinner Shelly and Sheldon:

Summer is lobster season in the markets here on the East Coast and while I don't think the things could be considered cheap, even when in sale, they are at least cheap-er. You can get them live for a bit less, but you may want to read this before deciding to go that route.

Anyway, I had been reading an awful lot of blog posts on lobster rolls lately and when Shelly and Sheldon waved at me from the fish counter, I decided now was the time. I grabbed them along with some soft rolls and headed home to make dinner. Lobster rolls are at once both simple and homey while still being a bit fancy-schmancy.

I wrestled with them (and a hammer) until I had the meat separated:

Then simply chopped it up and mixed with some green onions and mayonnaise:

And served it all up on a toasted and buttered roll with a bit of lettuce:

You could easily do this same sandwich with shrimp or crab meat, as well. Personally, I prefer crab to lobster, but don't tell Sheldon that.

Continuing with the fancy-schmancy theme, we made a rosé sangria with Kim Crawford and some stone fruits and to go with the sandwiches we had... potato chips. Ok, so we ran out of fancy by the time we got to the side dish, but it was still good! ;)

I also saved the shells and threw them in a stock pot along with some veggies and herbs, covered it all in water and let it simmer for a few hours. The end result was a very colorful lobster stock and an apartment that smelled like low tide. Not very pleasant to wake up to the next morning, but how often do I have lobster shells in the house? I couldn't not make stock :P I have it bottled and in the fridge and will be trying a bisque soup later this week. As I often say, there are two things in the world that smell like fish, and one of them is dinner. ;)

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