Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Participating in a jam exchange!

I like jam. B also likes jam. This is good, because I tend to make a lot of it... far more than I really need. We go through a lot of toast in our house.

So I was ridiculously excited to sign up for a jam exchange over at Steph Chows:

This 1) gives me an excuse to make jam and 2) allows me to send it home with someone else! ;) I'm already plotting what kind(s) I'll make... maybe some white peach jam or some sangria jelly? Hmm... *finger wiggle* maybe some wild Quebec strawberry and blueberry preserves! I also encourage you to hop on over and sign up, yourself. No worries if you're not a jam expert, no time like the present to learn! ;) She provides some info on her own adventures in jam making, and you can find some valuable info on jam making over at PickYourOwn.org.

1 comment:

  1. I like jam too, and I'm happy to be your "jam partner." Looking forward to it! :)