Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learn from my mistakes! *finger wag*

We're planning a trip to visit the mothership soon so I'm making a batch of the infamous Key Lime Cloud Squares to take, this time made with condensed milk ;) So I made sure to get all the ingredients, planned in advance to make sure I had time to let the cream cheese soften and let the jell-o set and all that good stuff. Only... I forgot one thing...

I've said it before and I'll say it again.... Read through your recipe before you start cooking!!! I don't usually buy Cool Whip because, though it's super tasty, I'm unsettled by the fact it is basically whipped oil and corn syrup with a bit of dairy thrown in as an after thought. If I'm going to have whipped cream, I prefer the real stuff, or go the dairy-free route for B's sake. So in this case, I skipped the Cool Whip called for in the ingredients because, after skimming the recipe, I thought it only went on as a topping.

I was wrong.

Part way into making the thing after I've started the jell-o jelling (which always feels like a race against the clock to me for some weird reason... like I have mere minutes to get the thing finished and in the fridge or it will explode in my face) and am mixing everything to pour onto the crust; then I get to the last line which says "Whisk in 1 cup Cool Whip. Pour over crust." Crap!!!

I briefly pondered if I could get away with leaving it out altogether... but having educated my mom about using the proper milk called for in the recipe, I figured I was tempting fate a little too much to start leaving other things out. Thankfully I have a helper monkey who dashed to the store to get me the missing Cool Whip and I was able to keep the mixture un-jelli-fied long enough for him to return with it. The Cool Whip was added and it was poured over the crust and into the fridge and all was well.

So please do as I say and not as I do: If it's a recipe you haven't done before, or even just one you haven't done in a while, read through it fully before jumping in... otherwise make sure you've got a helper monkey nearby to help bail you out ;)

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