Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best coffee cake ever? You buttah believe it!

I love breakfast. You'll hear it many times over in reading this blog. I love sitting down over breakfast, whether it's a simple or extravagant one, with a big cup of coffee and looking forward to the day ahead. Of course, that whole experience is much more relaxing when it's a Sunday and you've got nothing pressing to do ;)

So! This Sunday I decided to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures... coffee cake.

Up until now, my favorite has been Bisquick coffee cake. Yep, I know... coffee cake from a box. But it's so good! *hangs head in shame* I even found a recipe for DIY Bisquick mix... lemme tell ya, I had a bucket of that in the pantry for a while (It's actually really easy to make and much cheaper than buying the ready-made stuff... if you use Bisquick at all, consider giving it a try. You just store it in the pantry in an air-tight container... coffee cake or biscuits or what-have-you any time!)

But today I had neither the Bisquick mix nor the desire to run out and get some, so I decided to give one of my other favorites a try, The Pioneer Woman. She has a recipe that she proclaims is the Best Coffee Cake Ever and really, who am I to argue? It is actually quite similar to the Bisquick finished product... light and fluffy cake with sugary, cinnamon-y topping. But be ye warned... when this woman cooks, it's for an army. So if you're going to try one of her recipes, either have a heck of a lot of friends over, or consider cutting the recipe down. This one makes 16 servings and I made the full recipe... I will be very sick of coffee cake by the end of the week. ;)

Also be warned, this recipe uses a lotta buttah. Seriously. While I substituted almond milk for regular milk (living with a lactoad, I don't usually get to keep regular dairy around), I did break out my secret stash of butter and used the better part of a 1 pound block. I just couldn't bring myself to use lactose-free margarine on a recipe like this. The one thing I didn't have on hand was white flour, so I used whole wheat instead, a little worried it would come out heavy. But it worked fine... the large amount of baking powder as well as the whipped egg whites give this cake an incredible lightness which offset the whole wheat surprisingly well.

The one tiny change I would make is to put a bit less sugar in the cake batter. I used 2 scant cups as directed, but paired with the already sugary topping, I found the cake's sweetness a little too much. I think next time I'll experiment with a bit less. But for the moment, I am going to go grab my coffee, enjoy a big ol' slice of coffee cake and plan the rest of my Sunday ;)

This coffee cake is monkey-approved!

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