Monday, December 19, 2011

Beet Buche de Noel

What happens when two entirely disparate recipes collide?


Originally, I was going to make the chocolate beet bundt found over at Epicurious, but then B had been talking so much about getting a Buche de Noel cake, I wondered if I couldn't use the beet recipe to make one? Well, long story short, the cake came out nicely, but it was so dense, it didn't appreciate trying to be rolled into the log shape. But hey, that's what whipped cream filling and chocolate icing are for, right?? ;)

This recipe is, sadly, not as SOLE as I had planned it to be. In fact, the only local item are the beets themselves. I had planned to make this recipe a bit closer to christmas and to hunt down some local organic beets, eggs, flour and a few other items to go in it. However, this week I found myself with a large amount of cooked beets (i ran out of time to do the pickling i'd intended, and the beets would go bad if they didn't get used right away), so I improvised a little in order to avoid wasting them.

I guess I preferred making use of something I already had on hand (that would otherwise have to be thrown out) than to go out and buy more ingredients simply to make this a dessert I could boast about for the challenge ;) Ah, the ego of a cook... it takes a lot of abuse. :) But, one good thing did come out of this: I was able to make this recipe lactose-free, which B appreciated enormously. The cake calls for no dairy, other than the chocolate chips and there are lactose-free options for that. Also the frosting recipe I used was simple, freakin' delicious, and lactose-free as well. That one is a definite keeper. Plus, it was fun to make the frosting look like tree bark:

So there you have it.... despite my good intentions, my first 'fail' of the challenge. Well, fail by my standards, anyway... but it was a learning experience. I need to be a bit more careful in my shopping going forward so that i don't have to constantly run out and get something i'm missing (spending more money on gas and groceries isn't really keeping with the spirit of this challenge, i don't think) and i need to plan my time a bit better. Trying to do a large batch of canning on top of a zillion other things was not smart, and left me in a pickle, so to speak, as to what to do with the produce before it went bad. But, at least the story ends with a tasty chocolate cake ;)

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