Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dark Days week 4: Potato pancakes

This week we kept it simple, and I took an idea from one of the first round-ups to turn these:

Into this...

I have to say, this has been our best foray into local so far... with the exception of a touch of cinnamon in the applesauce and the oil to cook the pancakes, everything on the dinner table was from within 50 miles of home! Forgive the less than artistic photo, the boyfriend was starving and I couldn't fend him off any longer ;) Plus, being around that time of year when latke recipes are flying around the interwebs, I tried one of them out and it turned out fairly well. The texture was a bit dense, but that might simply be because of the type of potato I had or the thickness of the cakes. I sat down and shredded the potatoes and chopped up the apples all at once, then mixed up the potato pancake ingredients and threw the apples on the stove to make sauce. The pancakes were a bit time consuming to cook, but what can you do... I'm sure it seemed longer since we were both so hungry ;) Finish it off with the applesauce, some local ham steak for a bit of protein and some sour cream from Liberte, a local dairy product producer. Seriously local, as in, down the street local. I love their yogurt, but that's a post for another time. So there you go! A quick post for a quick meal... one I've never made before, but that came out wonderfully satisfying, especially on a cold night. The rest of the week was spent preparing and cooking for christmas, and I will share those pictures next week, once the candy-induced coma subsides ;)

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  1. that looks quite yummy. I've been meaning to make latkes for a while.