Friday, January 13, 2012

Almost-local tea

When I started on the Dark Days challenge, B made it quite clear there were some things he would not give up, such as crates of clementines, chocolate, and tea. We're both big fans of DavidsTea (as I've mentioned before), and while I don't expect to find anything local on their shelves, I am usually pleased to see the number of organic, fair trade and charity-supporting items they sell.

Recently, however, I've come across a couple of their teas that are almost local... or as local as I'm likely to get with this particular item ;) 
  • Organic Northern Lights is made with ingredients that all come from north of the border, such as apple pieces, peppermint, juniper berries, and raspberry leaf. While I am not a juniper berry fan (I blame it on my childhood home that was surrounded by big, dusty juniper bushes. I was constantly losing toys and balls in them and either had to brave the cobwebs and bugs to retrieve them, or just give them up for lost), it works well in this tea along side the peppermint and the sweetness of the apple pieces. 
  • Wintergreen Woods is another herbal blend made from Canadian ingredients, this time decidedly more 'woodsy': wintergreen leaves, cedar green, white pine needles, red sumac berries. I don't particularly like the taste of spearmint or wintergreen, so this one isn't really favorite, though it was nice to have after a heavy dinner. That said, it is interesting steeping a mug of tea from what looks like a handful of stuff picked up off a forest floor ;)  
  • Oh Canada is the least local of the bunch, but it's sweetened with maple syrup, so I love it anyway ;) (plus the maple leaf candies are cute)
  • There is also Northern Delights, which is produced by a non-profit organization to help support the Inuit communities in Nunavik (not associated with DavidsTea), who produce a variety of interesting Arctic teas made from ingredients indigenous, and important, to the arctic tundra. 
While supporting local is certainly a good thing, tea (like coffee and chocolate) is one of those far-flung vices that I'm still happy to indulge in ;) 

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