Friday, February 24, 2012

Crappy pictures of other people's food

Came across this article this morning and had to share. Jason Kessler, otherwise known as The Nitpicker, has some things to say about your food photography skills. And mine. You may want to sit down.... he's not gentle about it. ;)

But he is entertaining, and quite right. "Believe me, there's a special place in hell for people who let calamari get cold just so they can achieve the Perfect Shot." One of the things I hesitate most about are the photos I put in my post. Too many? Too few? Are they good enough? Does anyone actually care about this?! I have a post on bread baking that I haven't posted yet simply because I'm not happy with the pictures I've taken of the loaves of bread I baked. While they were incredibly delicious and the apartment smelled like what I imagine Heaven does, they are decidedly not exciting on (digital) film. Feh.

I studied photography, for pete's sake... i should be able to do this better! Ah, yes, but I did black and white darkroom photography, not this new-fangled digital stuff! *waves her cane in the air, angrily* And if it's one thing the cookbooks of the 60's have taught me, food DOES NOT look good in black and white. Hell, I recently got the hang of white balance on the camera I use for most of my shots and felt like I'd earned a Nobel prize.

The above is why I positively salivate (and weep bitterly) when I see other bloggers offering workshops, such as the food styling and photographing workshop happening in Whistler, BC with Cannelle et Vanille, or the one offered (in France! *sob*) by Tartine Gourmande. But! I can't afford to run off to either BC or France to learn to take pretty pictures, so I'll just have to keep plugging away on my own ;) 

Next on my to do list is to build a DIY softbox to my picture taking needs. I don't have a lot of natural light in my apartment, and absolutely none in the kitchen (what i wouldn't give to have a kitchen window!) so i either need to shoot under fluorescent lighting or wait until the weekend for daylight, which isn't always convenient. Maybe a project for this coming weekend... that, and a lot more practise. I hear it makes perfect. ;) 

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