Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dark Days Drop Out

Well, I give up. Sort of. I've become rather disillusioned with the Dark Days challenge of late, so have finally decided to stop participating in it. Not that any of you are going to lose sleep over it, I know, but I felt the need to say it out loud, at least ;) 

I've learned some interesting things over the past few months and will continue to search out local products, but sadly the challenge did not live up to my expectations. I had hoped for more interaction with the group so we could help and learn from one another and our experiences, especially those of us that were fairly new to the whole SOLE thing. But, since I didn't find any other participants who were local to me, I didn't really have anyone local to commiserate with. Also, the activity on the Google group for the challenge stopped shortly after the challenge began, so no discussion there either. All that left was the weekly round-up posts, and even those have been hit and miss as the last few ones I haven't been included in, despite having submitted my posts to the moderator on time. 

Oh well... a little disappointing, though not an entirely wasted experience. Next weekend we will be hosting a fondue/cheese tasting evening and I will be using it as an excuse to highlight some Quebec cheeses. I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures :) 


  1. Well, I will hope that blogger will let me post today, its been very hit and miss lately.

    I have been reading your dark day posts with interest, well all of them really, as I joined your mailing list, I still think I am the closest to you, being about an hour away from montreal on the farm.

    I hear you, I have also sent in a number of dark day write ups on time and not been included in the posts, I did a number of very interesting heart recipes to go with the valentines day, but because it was not a sweet, it was not shared or posted.

    I will continue to post and read the sites that I have signed up for, and will read the write ups, but I have to agree, that the group has been very quiet.

    1. I've been following yours as well! I had forgotten you were so close by :) I actually have your post about Galen Weston's comment bookmarked as I just watched Food Inc recently and have been thinking a lot about the whole supermarket vs farmers market issue lately. And the town in the UK with the public gardens! Incredible!!! I love it.
      As for the challenge, I'll still be following a few of the blogs (such as yourself) and post about local stuff from time to time, i just wish I didn't have to rely on the store/market so much for my food! Ah, the garden envy of an apartment dwelling suburbanite ;)