Sunday, February 26, 2012

These look good enough to eat...

I should not be this excited about some foam core, cross-stitch fabric and a couple of lightbulbs. But I am. 

This afternoon I went and got materials to build my own lightbox to help with taking better pictures. I got the lighting cord at Ikea, the bulbs at the hardware store and the rest (foam core, poster board, etc) at the dollar store. Total spent was about $20, the lightbulbs being $12 of that. Total time putting it together was about 30 minutes, and the end result gives me photos like this:

And this:

I used the tutorial found here to help build it. The finished product is about 18 inches tall and very light, so I can move it around easily and store it simply. The poster board serves as the backdrop (and/or to help bounce light from the back or sides as needed), but I can easily use a sheet, tea towels, etc as I wish. I'm so tickled by the outcome!!! Yay! 


  1. Well done. You're all set for Thinkstock or something similar!

  2. The results look terrific. I think you might have just added something to my "Gotta make" list.

    1. I say go for it! :) It was very easy to put together, and makes a huge difference in the ease and quality of photos!

  3. These shots look great! Being new to food blogging, I had no idea how people were achieving such great pictures. I have to make this box. Thanks for sharing!