Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another way to sneak booze into food...

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes! It just so happened that I had a bottle of Fuller's London Porter languishing on the shelf, so when I came across this recipe over at A Whisk and A Spoon , I knew I had found a good use for it. The recipe is quite simple to follow, and bonus - it's vegan. Not that I've suddenly started eating only things that don't cast a shadow, but good vegan recipes are handy when you live with a lactoad (someone who is lactose-intolerant).

Rather than make the cake, I opted for the cupcakes so I could share more easily (or rather so I wouldn't eat it all myself :P ) and they came out nicely, though not quite as fudgy as the original recipe shows. But for a recipe with no eggs or dairy, they were light and moist, I was impressed.

I was bringing them to a family breakfast (What?! They have coffee in them... that's breakfasty, isn't it??) where two of the attendees were toddlers, so for two cupcakes I did a simple glaze of water and icing sugar, for the rest I used coffee and icing sugar. I gave a head's up that there was beer in the cupcake batter, but it was such a small amount (half a cup for a dozen cupcakes), no one was really bothered. It just sounded funny to hear my mother in law relaying the info: "The ones with the darker glaze have coffee and beer in them, but the ones with the lighter glaze are for the kids, they only have beer in them." Heh! Start 'em young, I say!

While it's hard to go wrong with chocolate cupcakes, everyone seemed to really like these ones. The glaze seemed to help seal in the moisture so even the next day they were still moist; it also added a nice touch of sweetness. The stout gave the cake a nice richness, mellowing out the bitterness of the cocoa and balancing with the sugar. All in all, thumbs up for this one! If B hadn't drank what was left of the stout, I may have tried making it again as a cake. Ah well, it's a good excuse to get some more beer! ;)

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