Monday, May 14, 2012

Not edible: Mother's Day gift

Ok, so this isn't something I cooked, exactly, but I thought it was cute and wanted to share :) For Mother's Day this year I got some cute and quirky tea cups and saucers at the thrift store and then planted a small Hen and Chicks succulent in each one to give as a gift. 

The succulents are super easy to take care of and each hen will produce little chicks (you can see some in the picture below) that will eventually grow and produce their own chicks, etc. They don't mind tight spaces (like tea cups) and can be kept as houseplants or transplanted outdoors, and they're even hardy for Canadian winters! (assuming you don't live in Iqaluit)

I kept a few for myself, as well, though thanks to our two plant-nomming cats, I will have to find more creative (read: inaccessible) places to keep them.

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