Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baking with Julia: Sesame Bagels

This will have to be quick... I am in the middle of making a Halloween costume for my little niece. Her big brother will be a fireman and she's going to be a Dalmatian :) It will be cute, but I've had to make the fabric from plain white fleece and I'm up to my eyeballs in black felt spots!

So, this week we made bagels. Now, I love bagels but I've never made them. Then again, I live in Montreal where we have world-famous bagels, so I've really never had to make them. But, I figured it was worth a try...

These were pretty simple to make, though the rising time was a bit long. Then again, no longer than my no-knead pizza dough, and my stand mixer did all of the kneading for me, so I didn't mind. I chose to stick with traditional sesame seeds for a topping.

They came together well enough, though my bagel-forming technique leaves a bit to be desired ;) They poofed up quite a bit in the oven, giving a pillowy, dense finished product. Not at all like Montreal bagels, but tasty just the same! I had one with dinner and put a few away in the freezer for later enjoyment.

If you'd like to try your hand at making them yourself, you can find the original recipe here... now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my sewing! :)


  1. Now that my girls are older, I kind of miss the Halloween costume making :-)
    Great looking bagels - so nice and puffy.

  2. If I was living in Montreal, I doubt that I will even attempt making bagels :) Yours sure look tasty!

  3. Stephanie, I wish I would live in Montreal to taste the most famous bagels in the world...
    Luckily BWJ had a recipe that tasted great and wasn't to difficult to make (huraii for my stand mixer).
    Since we don't eat holes, I really wouldn't mind about the shaping. Yours do look great.
    Halloween is in a couple of days and I hope you had a lot of success with the Dalmatian costume.

  4. So late to the party. These look soooo good Steph! They'd be great with your apple butter! All the best!!! Jam buddy Roz

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